Customer Match: Taking Your Targeting to the Next Level


Remarketing in digital advertising is an excellent way to continue engagement with past and repeat customers with hopes that they choose to re-engage with your brand. There are a few ways to go about remarketing, but perhaps the most effective and exciting method is through customer match, and you can bet that J Miller Marketing can make it happen for your brand.


Any customer match audience must first start with your assistance. We take any of your customer data lists, which can be accrued from an email sign-up, loyalty programs such as FiveStars, past purchaser lists; basically anything that has customer email addresses. This is not to say that phone numbers and full names can’t be used, but email addresses have a higher match rate since people are more likely to provide their email address to Facebook when creating an account. These lists can be uploaded to Facebook and hashed through their database in order to create a custom list. This process is not a 100% match, of course. Not everyone uses Facebook or provided them with the same information that you have in your list, but we can expect around a 50% match rate, which is why we recommend providing a list of at least 1,000 people; larger lists mean better match rates. Despite this, we are now able to target ads directly to your best customers whenever they visit Facebook or Instagram.


This method of remarketing is similar to using web traffic generated from your website, but where customer match differs is the fact that it is completely cookieless. If a visitor to your website was tagged with a cookie by our pixels, they can just as easily clear their web browser, which means the link that was established with their device is now lost until they visit your page again. Customer match audiences do not have this issue, so you can continue to advertise to your dedicated customer base through the direct link that Facebook has now created.  


Taking an audience that’s guaranteed to deliver your ad campaign directly to your pre-existing customers is great, but where things really start to get interesting is when we create lookalike audiences based on your custom audience. After uploading your customer list and making a custom audience out of it, Facebook can process that customer list and analyze your customers; what they do on Facebook, who they’re friends with, what they like, what they comment on, and more. Facebook then looks for people that do the exact same thing and compiles them into a brand new Lookalike audience. Now you can pick up new customers based on your best customers. These are people that may not have heard of your brand, but are likely to engage with it based their behaviors and interests that match those of your existing customers. Highly targeted lists like the ones created through customer match and lookalike audiences allow you to stay a step ahead of your competitors and ride the wave of trends in the coming year.


All of these features would be neat on their own, but the results speak for themselves. Through our own testing and experience with customer match, we have seen on average three times more engagements versus standard behavioral or interest-based marketing. This kind of highly targeted audience has also shown to be up to 80% less costly to target in terms of cost-per-click and cost-per-engagement. This can be attributed to the fact that not as many advertisers are going after these specific people, but those are the exact people we want to reach. In this way, customer match provides us the opportunity to take your targeting to the next level. Why miss out when you can join us on the cutting edge of digital marketing?


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By Nick Shulda
Online Media Strategist