Elevate Your Remarketing Strategy


Are you looking to refresh your remarketing strategy?

Picture this: remarketing, except instead of capturing people that visited your site, we’re capturing people who visited a specific location. We like to call this Location Based Remarketing. It is a special type of Display targeting in which we target people based on where they have been, in order to get your company where it needs to go.

Location Based Remarketing combined with Hyperlocal targeting lets you deliver your ad message in a specific location of your choice. It doesn’t end there – your message will be with that audience wherever they go next. Being able to reach this highly relevant audience, we’re seeing display ad engagements up almost 100% versus a standard audience or contextual targeting method and click-through-rates are 2x as high.


This just shows how today’s consumers respond to a seamless brand experience across multiple channels. Their needs and desires are constantly changing; make sure you’re there at all the right moments.


  • Are your customers shopping with your competitors? Retarget them with an offer to get them back.
  • Is your target demographic frequently at the local grocery store or high school? Show potential new customers what you’re all about.  
  • Are your customers sports fans? Don’t just advertise in the stands – reach them even after the final play.


Interested in hearing more? 

Contact us and we’ll tell you about a client that was down every month for the past couple of years, and how they have been up year-over-year every month since we implemented Location Based Remarketing. We’d love to get started on your next success story – because we’re your partner, not your agency.


By Megan Pisani
Online Media Strategist