Navigating The Jungle: What It Takes To Get Amazon Sponsored Ads Accredited


With Amazon being one of the top brands that Americans claim they couldn’t live without, it makes sense that businesses would have their brands / products advertised on the e-commerce giant. The problem for many business owners and marketers is it can be tough to know how to even get started with advertising on Amazon. If you’re not using or working with somebody who is actively selling products on Amazon, it’s difficult to know the channel’s inner-workings.

Fortunately, through the Amazon Learning Console, there are free, self-paced online courses that can be reviewed to gain a better idea on how to run Amazon Sponsored Ads.  

Digital marketers who have been around a bit will notice this learning console is much like the online learning platforms of Google and Facebook. This is a great resource that also gives users the option to prove their Sponsored Ads prowess by taking a free Amazon Sponsored Ads Accreditation exam.

More About the Amazon Sponsored Ads Accreditation

Once a user has logged into the learning console, they’ll have the option to click on and view a variety of learning paths ranging from beginner to advanced. While there are many courses to review, users looking to earn the accreditation should follow the path labeled “Accreditation” (shocker!). This takes users to a structured learning layout that covers everything from what’s an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) to ways to optimize a sponsored ad campaign.

Digital Marketers who have certification in other digital channels should find the exam to be fairly straightforward; however, it’s definitely beneficial to complete all of the learning courses prior to taking the exam to make sure you’re aware of the unique features of Amazon’s ad platform, specifically when it comes to keyword definitions, ASIN readiness, and campaign optimization. It’s worth mentioning that you only have two attempts to pass the exam per account login!!

Upon a successful completion of this online exam, the user’s profile will be updated to show their “badge” along with the rest of their accreditations. As of March 2019, there’s only one accreditation available, but the layout and wording of the learning course makes it seem like there be more accreditations down the road. Amazon is blowing up in popularity, so it makes sense that they will follow an accreditation system close to that of Google, meaning you may be able to become Amazon Display Certified and more down the road.

Accreditations are valid for one year after the course completion date and there’s no downloadable digital badge that can be shared to your LinkedIn or email signature.

In your search to become Amazon Advertising Sponsored Ads certified, you may also find links to Amazon’s other exams for becoming AWS Certified, but these are more technical and are completely different than what we’re talking about for advertising.

So What Does All Of This Mean?

For businesses and those who sell their products online, this learning course and accreditation is a good way to learn how to get the most out of running Sponsored Ads on Amazon. More importantly, it’s also a way to differentiate the skill level of agencies and marketers you may be working with.  Almost anybody can put money towards a campaign on Amazon, but this program serves as a way to show that the person or agency holding the accreditation knows how to most effectively and efficiently set up an Amazon Sponsored Ad campaign.

We at J Miller hold our certifications up high because we are proud of the work our team puts into growing in their marketing knowledge for the benefit of our clients. From Amazon, to Google, to Facebook, to Snapchat, and everything else in between, our advanced knowledge can help you with your business needs.

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By Cody Albright
Sr. Online Media Strategist