Kaleidoscope: Spooktacular October Edition


Welcome, ghouls & ghosts, to another installment of Kaleidoscope, the only monthly playlist curated entirely by the staff at J Miller Marketing!

I have to admit that I had this playlist in mind from the outset of creating Kaleidoscope. The month of October is great for a variety of reasons; sweater weather, pumpkin spice, the beginning of the NBA season –– I could go on. But there is no reason greater than its penchant for allowing people to embrace the darkness and wonderment of perhaps the spookiest holiday of all time.

Why Halloween?

It may be self-explanatory, but October is pretty much defined by Halloween. The fact that it falls on the very last day of the month only builds more & more anticipation until that costume party you’ve been looking forward to all year finally arrives, and what’s a party without a great soundtrack?

Halloween songs may be few and far between in comparison to Christmas songs, but where Halloween excels is in its celebration of the morbid and the malevolent, the spooky and the scary, the creepy and the crawly. The music that you choose to play during Halloween time allows you the opportunity to think outside the box; sure you have the obvious choices, and we’ll get to those later, but what about the songs that send shivers down your spine for all the right reasons? These are songs that can have dark subject matter or were featured on a soundtrack to a Halloween-favorite film – they can even be songs that you find downright unsettling.

Stats & Tracklist

I have a Halloween playlist of my own with a good mixture of classics and deep cuts, so I was curious to see what everyone else would pick this month. I’m happy to say that we’re still sticking to the spirit of Kaleidoscope being a showcase of company culture, because there are some pretty unique choices throughout; even the Beatles make an appearance!

If you thought there was a lot of overlap with last month’s playlist, you’re in for a surprise! The most popular song was, of course, “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers. A whopping 8 people chose this song, and for good reason. It’s pretty much Halloween’s “Jingle Bells,” so what Halloween playlist would be complete without it? Something that this month’s theme has over previous months is that there were a lot of songs from the soundtracks of musicals, movies, and TV shows like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hocus Pocus, and The Addams Family, but none more popular than Ray Parker Jr’s theme for Ghostbuster. Including a cover by Pentatonix, this song was picked 6 times, which leads me to another interesting facet of Halloween songs: covers.

I decided to include multuple versions of certain songs because I think it speaks to the individuality of each person’s Halloween experience. Maybe Santana’s version of “Black Magic Woman” is the only recording of that song you’ve ever heard. That song has come to be closely associated with the career of Santana and was one of their biggest hits, so much so that maybe you didn’t even realize that it’s actually a cover of a Fleetwood Mac original! In this way, covers of popular songs by other musicians are essentially the sonic versions of Halloween costumes, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t treat each cover as such.

Now that I’ve bloviated long enough, I present to you the J Miller soundtrack to October, Give it a listen – if you dare:


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Written and compiled By Nick Shulda
Online Media Strategist

  1. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson – Terri, Laura, & Jen P.

  2. “Halloween Theme” by John Carpenter – Rhy, Steve, & Lindsay

  3. “The Phantom of the Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber – Sarah

  4. “Over at the Frankenstein Place” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Nick

  5. “When You’re An Addams” from The Addams Family Musical – Jenn K.

  6. “Ghostbusters” by Pentatonix – Emily W.

  7. “Black Magic Woman” by Santana – Danielle & Julie

  8. “Zombie” by The Cranberries – Tessa, Betsy, & Danielle

  9. “Pet Sematary” by Ramones – Kim

  10. “Peek-A-Boo” by Siouxsie & the Banshees – Jennifer S.

  11. “Dead Man’s Party” by Oingo Boingo – Kim

  12. “This Is Halloween” by Marilyn Manson – Steve

  13. “Nightmare” by Avenged Sevenfold – Morgan & Steve

  14. “Living Dead Girl” by Rob Zombie – Cody

  15. “Lose Your Soul” by Dead Man’s Bones – Tessa

  16. “Walking With a Ghost” by Tegan and Sara – Emily F.

  17. “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder – Emily W.

  18. “Zombie Zoo” by Tom Petty – Brooke

  19. “I Put a Spell On You” by Creedence Clearwater Revival – Kylee & Julie

  20. “Witchy Woman” by Eagles – Lauren

  21. “Season of the Witch” by Donovan – Tessa

  22. “Black Magic Woman” by Fleetwood Mac – Tessa & Lindsay

  23. “Feed Me (Git It)” from Little Shop of Horrors – Jenn K.

  24. “Witch Doctor” by Alvin & the Chipmunks – Julie

  25. “A Nightmare on My Street” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince – Jen P.

  26. “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by Backstreet Boys – Morgan

  27. “Jump In the Line” by Harry Belafonte – Emily F.

  28. “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr. – Rhy, Laura, Julie, Mike, & Shelley

  29. “Main Theme” from The Addams Family – Lindsay

  30. “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers – Terri, Rhy, Laura, Julie, Lindsay, Mike, Shelley, & Brooke

  31. “Spooky, Scary Skeletons” by Andrew Gold – Steve & Emily F.

  32. “This Is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas, by Danny Elfman – Morgan & Lindsay

  33. “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell – Jennifer S, Julie, & Andrea

  34. “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Shelley

  35. “In the Room Where You Sleep” by Dead Man’s Bones – Tessa

  36. “Nightmare” by Artie Shaw – Nick

  37. “Remains of the Day” from Corpse Bride – Sarah

  38. “I Put a Spell on You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Lindsay, Brooke, & Andrea

  39. “People Are Strange” by The Doors – Betsy, Tessa, & Emily F.

  40. “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads – Tessa & Lauren

  41. “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival – Tessa

  42. “Psycho” by Eddie Noack – Nick

  43. “Human Fly” by The Cramps – Nick

  44. “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC – Kylee

  45. “Enter Sandman” by Metallica – Cody

  46. “Witching Hour” by In This Moment – Steve

  47. “Waking the Demon” by Bullet For My Valentine – Morgan

  48. “Paint It Black” by VersaEmerge – Lindsay

  49. “A Little Piece of Heaven” by Avenged Sevenfold – Morgan

  50. “Voodoo” by Godsmack – Lauren

  51. “Reclusion” by Anberlin – Sarah

  52. “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” by Smashing Pumpkins – Tessa

  53. “Ghost” by Depeche Mode – Jennifer S.

  54. “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex – Lindsay

  55. “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots – Lindsay

  56. “Monster” by Kanye West feat. JAY Z, Rick Ross, & Nicki Minaj – Mike

  57. “Disturbia” by Rihanna – Jenn K, Andrea, & Kylee

  58. “Monster” by Michael Jackson feat. 50 Cent – Andrea

  59. “She Wolf” by Shakira – Emily W.

  60. “Heads Will Roll” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Danielle & Lauren

  61. “Big Bad Wolf” by Duck Sauce – Emily F.

  62. “Crocodile Tears” by little hurricane – Lindsay

  63. “(Ghost) Riders In the Sky” by Johnny Cash – Julie

  64. “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by The Charlie Daniels Band – Jen P.

  65. “Werewolves of London” by Warren Zevon – Emily F. & Kim

  66. “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young – Betsy

  67. “Mad World” from Donnie Darko, by Michael Andrews – Morgan

  68. “Revolution 9” by The Beatles – Cody