Snapchat’s Newest Advertising Features


Location, location, location.

The camera app that prides itself in its location features to enhance user experience also invested heavily in location-based technology for advertisers. Snapchat released new advertising tools this March that offer more location-based targeting options. It’s safe to say we’re excited over here at J Miller! Here are the new features and why we can’t wait to implement them for your business:


Location Categories

One of the two new location-based advertising features is a Location Category Filter. Instead of targeting by specific locations or geofences, we can reach Snapchat Users by the type of location they’re in: apparel stores, baseball stadiums, restaurants, universities, and many… many more! No matter your brand, there’s a location category for that.

In addition, we can get more specific by narrowing down the location categories by state, city, DMA and more. Location categories allow us to share the most relevant ads in the most impactful moments.

Contact us to learn how we can implement Location Categories in your Snapchat advertising today.  


Radius Targeting

Next up, Radius Targeting. This feature is exactly as it sounds - we are able to include or exclude a radius around an address, city center, pin, or point of interest. Radius targeting is unrestricted as opposed to zip code targeting, and it can also be used to target around a specific competitor. According to Snapchat, “This new feature is great for businesses big and small, such as brick and mortar retailers, to travel apps like Hopper. Recently, Hopper cut its cost per install in half by using radius targeting around airports to reach those likely to fly from that hub with a specific flight deal. This combination of smart radius targeting and geographically-relevant creative gave the highest-intent Snapchatters a sense of urgency to act.”


Coming Soon: Foot Traffic Insights

Along with rolling out their new Location Categories and Radius Targeting features, Snapchat gave a sneak peek of their Foot Traffic Insights tool that has not yet been released.

Brick and mortar retailers - this one’s for you. Coming soon, we will be able to track in-store traffic of Snapchat users that visited a specific location.


What we’ll have access to:

  • Unique Snapchat visitors
  • Average frequency
  • Snapchatter visits
  • Daily Snapchatter visitors and visits
  • Average Snapchatter visitors
  • Snapchatter visitors by demographics
  • Top 4 lifestyle categories vs Snapchat average

This new tool is just what advertisers were looking for to take Snapchat advertising for brick and mortar retailers to the next level. Being an integrated, personal marketing tool, Snapchat allows these retailers to reach their audience every step of the way through their platform.


What This Means for You

Snapchat is a great addition to your marketing plan, especially now with these updated features. We can now reach Snapchat Users by the type of location they’re in, we can now target their location by a radius, and we will soon be able to take a glance at results on our end similar to the foot traffic you see in your store. As a Silver Snapchat Partner, J Miller Marketing will be one of the first advertisers with access to the new Foot Traffic Insights tool. Contact us to learn more about implementing Snapchat for your business.

A Word from Snapchat

“While location plays a big role in making Snapchat special for both Snapchatters and advertisers, what’s even more important is our commitment to showing Snapchatters content they care about, while protecting their privacy at the same time. We don't share any location information that can identify specific Snapchatters to advertisers, and all Snapchatters can choose whether to allow use of location services.” - Team Snapchat

"The Snapchat Preferred Audience Program recognizes agency partnerships which have worked directly with Snapchat to provide preferred service to clients as the begin to adopt and drive results with Snapchat advertising. Silver Partnership demonstrates more than $100k in managed spend in the previous 12 months, and is something only a handful of independent agencies have achieved."

- Straight from the Brains at Snapchat

By Megan Pisani
Online Media Strategist