Snapchat Advertising


Snapchat hit the scene in 2011 as an app for sharing fleeting messages and disappearing photos. It’s since grown into a global phenomenon with many capabilities including videos, stories, memories, stickers, maps, filters… They’ve probably released a new feature in the time it’s taken you to read this sentence.

Of Snapchat’s many features, our favorite in terms of benefit for our clients is also its newest capability: Snap Ads. Because successful ads drive business. And we can use Snap Ads’ audiences and measurement tools to get your business where it needs to go.

Here’s how Snap Ads can benefit your business:

  • Reach a unique audience
  • Grow your business
  • Get results and optimize your campaign
  • Raise awareness
  • Increase consideration
  • Drive action

To understand how to best execute Snap Ads, one must first understand how Snapchatters differ from users on other platforms. Since its inception, Snapchat has been widely adopted by teenagers and millennials—with 72% of 12-24-year olds citing Snapchat as their most-used social media platform. However, they aren’t the only ones jumping on the Snapchat train: More than 50% of daily new Snapchatters in the US are 25 or older, and nearly one-third of adult Snapchatters are parents. Much like the breadth of Snapchat users’ age range, the amount of time Snapchatters spend on the app each day differs from other platforms. The frequency of use is staggering:

  • 173M | Average daily active Snapchatters globally
  • 18+ | Average number of times daily active Snapchatters open the app each day
  • 30+ | Average minutes spent in the app each day by daily active Snapchatters
  • 60% | Average percentage of daily active Snapchatters who create with the Snapchat camera every day

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