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If you are a small business owner or franchisee in this day and age, advertising your business in the digital space is practically a necessity.

As of January of 2017, over 70% of the American population uses the internet – that’s over 700 million people and quite a lot of potential customers!  You can set up your own Facebook page or Instagram account, place a few ads, and create your own content for a while, but what happens when more pressing matters arise and you simply cannot find the time to post? That’s when outsourcing these tasks to an ad agency comes into play. Contracting a company for the purpose of outsourcing digital and creative services allows a business to save both time and money with an out-of-house team of talented and competent specialists.

Hiring a team or even a single person for your own in-house marketing department might seem like an option, but that requires paying not only their salaries, but also their insurance compensations, benefits, and more. On top of that, Adobe products like Photoshop or Illustrator aren’t cheap either. Small business owners know that this money is better spent elsewhere! Sure, we’re not suggesting you pay your employees less–but bringing in more? And properly equipping them with the tools that they need in order to excel in the workplace? The cost can be measured in not only dollars but also in time spent training an internal social or digital marketing manager. Not to mention that often times business owners in this situation have neither the budget to pay nor the workload to warrant an in-house digital marketer. Even more so, a new hire wouldn’t be able to realistically jump in and start handling accounts on their own for weeks of months! Outsourcing online work allows you to bypass the headache of this whole ordeal and place it in the care of a team of dedicated, fully-trained online media specialists and graphic designers with access to the tools and programs necessary to deliver quality results at a fraction of the price.


By outsourcing, not only will you not have to worry about the acclimation period of newly-trained employees, but you’ll also get a tried and true strategy on day one.

Any digital marketing company worth its salt will have already implemented processes for specific industries, designed to generate brand awareness and deliver results. It’s in your business’s best interest to take full advantage of the pieces that are already in place so you don’t have to learn them yourself through tedious trial and error. If you happen to have your own process in place, the best agencies will be able to adapt and put their own spin on your ideas. Either way, this will make sure that you have brand consistency online. In addition to all of this, having an external team of marketers at your disposal means that you won’t need to keep up with the latest advances in the field of digital marketing, such as the ever-changing landscape of Facebook Ads or the methodology of display and remarketing ads. Because a digital marketing agency’s livelihood depends on being on the cutting-edge of the industry, you can rest assured knowing that your needs will be handled with care without having to know every last detail. After all, a competent ad agency can only stay in business as long as their clients do the same!

Everyone could use some objective input on their business, which is why outsourcing your digital marketing needs can supply you with a fresh set of eyes on the facets of your market. Let’s face it: It’s possible that your business might not be hitting home with millennials or expectant mothers and yet you’ve been targeting them this whole time. We’ve already established that an external agency has the know-how to follow trends in order to get you trending, but they will also be able to analyze your target demographic in order to place your brand in front of the ideal customer–one that is likely take the next step to engage your ads and, more importantly, remember your name in the future. You may have been able to place your own ads in the past, but you may not have been getting the full value out of your dollar. This is where an agency can test audiences, calls to action, ad creative, and more over a span of time. This ensures that your money is being put to good use and squeezes every last bit of potential out of your ads. Additionally, your agency should be able to deliver a thorough report on how your money was spent and how well your market responded to your brand. Metrics may seem like a daunting wall of numbers and graphs, but they provide valuable insight into what is and isn’t working in digital marketing.

As mentioned before, your business might not have a workload that warrants hiring a social media manager, copywriter, or graphic designer, but you might get the idea to combine aspects of those positions into one job. A jack-of-all-trades role may seem like a way to solve that workload issue, but the level of multitasking that would be required causes more problems than it does fix them. Another consideration is what would you do if this employee is indisposed or otherwise unable to work? You run the risk of being left without their services on any given day. When it comes down to it, this field of marketing requires a well-knit team. If you need the talents of social ad placement, writing for your blog, and graphics for your events but still want to publish your own social media content, you can easily select what services fit your business needs the best from an outsourced agency that has a team of professionals with expertise in every aspect of digital marketing. You’ll always have the opportunity to add to your contract; you might not need all of the services that digital marketing can give you during your first foray, but it will be there, nevertheless, if the the need ever arises.


Because digital marketing companies are in the business of making their clients money, it only stands to reason that they will work to improve on previous results.

They should have a genuine interest and investment in the success of your business and you should have the peace of mind that your digital marketing is in good hands. Outsourcing your needs to marketing specialists will lead to innovative and creative thinking in the process of promoting your brand in a way that is mutually beneficial. Open communication is key here as the best agencies will have a direct, single point of contact for any individual client. Not only will you have a way to get in contact to let them know of any upcoming (or last minute) promotions, you’ll also have a representative of the agency who will be vigilant when it comes to those promotions in order to help you transform them from ideas into reality in the digital space. If you were to undertake the task of marketing your own business on the digital end, you run the risk of letting it fall to the wayside when issues arise in your day-to-day operations. Best to delegate those tasks to a team with a track record of delivering on their business model. It’s also a bonus if you contract an agency that specializes in a specific industry, such as the retail or food industries because they will have an extensive background in handling the nuances of your business.

With all things considered, digital marketing has become a necessity in the business world, but just because it is a necessity doesn’t mean you need to pull out all the stops to hire an in-house team. This is doubly true for small business owners. You need an ad agency with a client-first mentality – one that can work with you on a level you are comfortable with. An agency that can take direction when necessary, but also has their own unique creative sensibilities that you can rely on. You need an agency that lets you focus on being a business owner with the relief of knowing that your digital assets are incompetent and safe care. And in the search for the perfect agency to outsource your digital marketing, J Miller Marketing can meet and exceed your expectations for an out-of-house marketing team. With over 15 years of experience with both national franchise organizations and small businesses alike, J Miller can meet your needs and your budget while producing results and content that you will be proud to put your name on.

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By Nick Shulda
Jr. Online Media Strategist

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